Why should I read the Harmonizers blog?

So many ways to answer that question.

Most of what I share in the blog will be resources. The resources I share will include some digital-world & real-world tools, some organizing tips, and some mental settings that will help you get started on projects you've been procrastinating on.

In each entry I'll introduce an idea, tool, or resource that people have been using and enjoying, often for years. Some will be right for you. Some won't. Some will help you keep track of things like your budget, your gas mileage, or your music. Some may transform your life. Who knows? Some of them changed mine.

So read if you want to live more cheaply, or more simply, or feel more fulfilled and less bogged down by your possessions. Read if you want to find more time in your day for you. Read if you're tired of finding out that the companies you buy stuff from have been using child labor or ignoring environmental regulations or supporting political candidates who don't share your values. Read if you don't have enough time or energy to sift through all the environmental or social implications of what you buy, how you travel, what you eat, or what you do for fun - but you wish you did. And tell your friends to read if any of this rings true for them.

If something I suggest works well for you -- or if it doesn't -- let me know! Ask questions. Share your experiences. Criticize. Don't be shy. Sustainability is only possible when it satisfies people like you and me, lets us live comfortable, happy, fulfilling lives, AND meets the requirements of our planet. If we have to compromise on any of those points, we're failing, and the stakes are too high to accept that.

So let's make sure we take care of each other, and our home -- and maybe even enjoy life a little more while we're doing it.