What IS harmonizing, anyway?

As a professional Harmonizer, a good part of what I do is try to keep things simple. I don't have a terribly complicated philosophy or approach to organizing, but I've found it really helpful to describe to my clients what my goal is as a professional organizer - and why I call organizing 'harmonizing'. 

Harmonizing isn't about getting rid of stuff - necessarily. It's not about buying more stuff - usually. It's not even really about organizing the stuff you already have. Here's what it *is* about.

The heart of Harmonizing, for me, is a balancing act between the exterior and interior landscapes of your home and your self. It's a process of matching your needs as an individual with the framework of your home, your space, and your possessions. The end goal, in all cases, is to create an exterior landscape that supports and encourages you in pursuing the things that matter to you. And the shape of that exterior landscape depends entirely on the person who will inhabit it: you.

Some people need their space to be clear and completely uncluttered - some need artfully placed knick-knacks - some need practical but decorative containers for all their projects - some need chaotic clutter. For some people, getting rid of all those boxes in the attic will be a relief and a weight off their mind; for some it will be uncomfortable. My goal is never to push you to get rid of things you want to keep, but rather to help you figure out what you want from all your stuff. Not what other people say you want, or what you think you should want, or what the media tells you to want; what I do is help you clearly identify the possessions that really bring you joy, or ease, or even simple convenience, and the ones that matter to you. Once you know what you want from your stuff, it becomes much easier to pick out the things you own that do not serve you. 

And that's it. The Harmonizers philosophy and basic approach to organizing / harmonizing, in a nutshell. There's no judgement, no prescribed path to follow; just an opportunity to envision and create a home space that is in harmony with your vision for yourself. 

Consider this an invitation to talk about one of those topics that can be touchy in our culture - owning stuff, and how much is enough - or too much. If you have comments or thoughts about this - whether you think what's laid out above is a helpful 'philosophy', whether you have a strong opinion about owning less (or more!) stuff - I'd love to hear from you.